Transcript of Gerald Flurry’s Sermon, ‘Prophesying Again Part 4’


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Sermon: Gerald Flurry                  November 1, 2003     




SERMON TRANSCRIPT: Personal Comments



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“My head is a little clogged this afternoon, as you can probably tell, and, so I came late and I’ll plan on leaving early, just in case, this might be contagious, I’m not sure what it is, but there’s a lot in the air,  and so I guess it is going around somewhat.”


(Discusses more about Key of David broadcasts and growing statistics in countries where it is aired and the rise in audiences and potential audiences, new call center being prepared, etc.)


“There is much excitement in the air as God’s warning returns to TV, and we’ve just had a wonderful Feast of Tabernacles.  Mr. Harrison said the people over in his area were more urgent and unified than he’d ever seen them before in his life! And he said they’d had quite a few HQ people that came down to South Africa and over to the U.K. and he thought they were a marvellous example so we’re always happy to hear that.”



“I’m planning to write a book on Revelation. And combine it with the Royal Book of Revelation, that will include those messages I gave at the Feast of Tabernacles. It’s a hope to expand on that some even as I write it, but I did bel-, I do believe Christ led me to speak about that subject ’Prophesy Again’ at the Feast, but I do have one more … segment that I’d like to add under that same subject, about prophesying again. From the conference, I did send out those tapes on hope, as was mentioned I believe in the sermonette and so it is ... and even that was a good FOT series of messages, I think, and so I believe Christ wanted me to focus a little more on the, uh … Commission itself, and uh, I uh, uh I think though even in those messages I gave, that almost every time, it was tied directly to the return of Jesus Christ, which is always, of course, something that should be inspiring to all of us, but to see that ... connection to what’s happening in the world right now, leading into ... or ... to the return of Jesus Christ is just something that really stirs your imagination and gets all of us excited.”


Still, of course, we want the ministers to be focusing on that FOT message, like for example if they speak on trials, well they usually show you why you need those trials to enter into the millennium and the world tomorrow. And so we do check those and try to keep our focus at the FOT and make sure that we do concentrate on that message. But let’s get back to that subject of prophesying again, if you’ll turn with me over to Revelation 10, verse 4 “And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write; and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things, which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not.” “Now we’ve talked about this before, but perhaps, here in this end time, we’re seeing the worst falling away of God’s people ever in the history of the Church; 95% of God’s people, and can you imagine what that would have done to Mr Armstrong’s mind. (Really draws out the word ‘mind‘) if he had seen what was going to happen at the end of his work? I think you can see he would have been grossly discouraged. Because, well, he might have said “Why even work so hard?” and so I’m sure God kept that from him for a very good reason.”


“But now God knows who loves His truth and who doesn’t. He’s let this play itself out and He has chosen not to know, until it does and now He knows who loves His truth and who does not. Verse 6 talks about the last sentence there, that there should be ‘time no longer’ or ‘no more delay’, so there is a fierce acceleration of God’s work and the prophecies in this end time, Satan has been cast down and we’re in the last hour.”


And so, we really have to gear things up for this time we’re living in. It’s not a normal time. It’s not even like it was in Mr Armstrong’s time. This is truly an abnormal time in this last hour, that this earth has never, ever seen before. And so our work has to be geared to that. Our message has to be geared to that. Verses 9 and 9 and 10 of Rev 10 “And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey. 10 And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter. So we have this work here, the little book and Mystery of the Ages as well, and then if you look on down to Revelation 11 and Verse 15, we can see what this is a transition to. “And the seventh angel sounded: and there were great voices in heaven, saying THE KINGDOMS OF THIS WORLD ARE BECOME THE KINGDOMS OF OUR LORD, AND OF HIS CHRIST, AND HE SHALL REIGN FOREVER AND EVER.”


So here we are in this transition. There’s a little a little book talked about and MOA in Verse 7 that’s talked about, that leads right into the second coming of Jesus Christ. And that’s really the most exciting transition that we’ve ever had and at that same time, God says we’re really going to see a great acceleration of the events in this world, you see it already, all around. We can see that very clearly. So God lets us work in this most exciting time ever in this world, and be in this transition period right to the very return of Jesus Christ, but notice,

we have a different commission.


Verse 11, and he said unto me prophesy again ... prophesy again, before many peoples and nations and tongues and kings, so we have to prophesy again. Now Rev 11; 1 “And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.”


“Now, I talked about this Revelation 11, Verse one, to the Editorial Department the other day and I want, uh, to discuss that briefly again and add some thoughts to it, but here we are, where God says Rise up (words become very fast now and jumbled together in a rush) now we’re getting it actually, this is like the second commission, after prophesying again is the first, and he says “I want you to rise up and measure the temple’ but I also want you to measure the alter.”  And so, if we are going to prophesy again, it basically means we’re going to have the same message, we’re going to have the same Government, we’re going to have the same law, and so you and I have to submit to that law and Government that Mr Armstrong was taught through Jesus Christ and we, we so we couldn’t prophesy again really unless we knew what that Government and law was. We already knew that and that’s why God said well you can rise up and measure because you have this background and you know what that means to prophesy again. You know what that means. And it all originated with Christ, through Mr Herbert Armstrong.”


“And now brethren, God does say, and I don’t know how you can read this any other way, but he does say there is a ... (edited?) must rise up and measure not only the temple and alter, but ... actually, it’s Christ doing the measuring, obviously!, through the law and the government that Christ gave to Mr Armstrong, but he says now you’ve got to rise up and measure the temple, or the people, and the altar; one man is responsible for directing that under Jesus Christ.”


“And as I told the editorial department ... Mr Armstrong, in his ... (pause) ... era almost never worked directly with the Regional Directors. Now, what he did, was place one man over the ministers and I can name some of them; Rod Meredith, Wayne Cole, I believe Dennis Luker for awhile, and Joe Tkach and Garner Ted Armstrong (Laughs) I think was in there as well, and you know something? That never, ever worked! Now I’m not saying the government didn’t work to the extent that Mr Armstrong could preach the Gospel round the world; it certainly did but that one man over the ministry never did work, and Mr Armstrong said it didn’t.  And you know why it didn’t work? Because that man would ... well, overstep himself and he, actually was, ended up running the Church. Now Jesus Christ didn’t call that man to run the Church! And so everything went haywire ... er, not everything, but a lot of problems developed as a result of that. That man would always try to take Mr Armstrong’s job. And you see, if you try to take a job that God doesn’t give you, you never, ever succeed. You never succeed if you try to put yourself into a job ... let God put you in, and then it will work, because God backs you.


Those jobs never did work. Now, the main reason being is ... I believe, I think it’s pretty obvious, that they didn’t support Mr Armstrong. And I don’t really know what the solution to that was, I frankly don’t and I’m not trying to say Mr Armstrong made a great mistake at all, I’m just saying how do you rule over 150,000 people if you don’t have anybody under you that is loyal? And that’s essentially what he did. So how do you do that? But he still got the message out to the world and it was a system of Government, BUT IT’S NOT LIKE WHAT THE GOVERNMENT WE HAVE TODAY.

It’s different today.  It’s different in quite a few ways. Why were, do we have all those breakdowns? Well, we had that Synagogue of Satan.” (Chuckles) It was there.” (Cheerful statement)Doesn’t say there was a synagogue of Satan in this era. I mean, that synagogue of Satan became the Laodicean era. So that caused Mr Armstrong a lot of trouble. (Tinge of sarcasm present and Holier than thou attitude?) Mr Armstrong went to world leaders! What do you do when you have to go to world leaders? (How do you run the Church if you don’t have anybody that will do what you want them to do? And of course they didn’t, and almost every time he came back he had problems to deal with and he even said (Whining) near the end of his life that, that system never did work. He knew that something was wrong. Maybe the work was too large to do it like we’re doing it and, I’ll talk to you about that in a moment, maybe Mr Armstrong’s age also had something to do with it as well, but maybe we also had to learn how NOT TO DO IT!  I don’t know. I’m not sure.”


“But ... to me ... See, I feel it’s critical that I stay in touch with the Regional director’s, UNLIKE what Mr Armstrong did and I believe that’s ... (unfinished sentence) ... it’s more I look at Revelation 11, verse 1, that’s what it says do. Did you rise up and you measure the ministers or you work with the ministers and God’s law, and God’s Government, and all of that,  (tone sounds accusing and angry) ... you work with the ministers AND the people and so when I work with the regional directors, the regional directors keep me in touch with the rest of the ministers and if there are serious problems, then I always get in on that. But I’m ‘in on it’ ALL THE TIME.”

And I think that’s exactly what Christ means here. Now you rise up and measure the temple and the altar; you’re going to have to work directly with the ministers as well, because they’re working directly with the people. And it’s a different situation than what we had in the past.”


“So I think, in essence, God is saying ... this is not something, that, uh is, is unimportant.  I think God is saying alright, NOW LET’S CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT TO FIT THE TIMES!” Here we are in a time of no more delay. We’re in the last hour, and I think Christ is saying NOW I WANT YOU TO RISE UP AND I WANT YOU TO RUN THIS THING DIFFERENT THAN THE WAY IT WAS DONE IN THE PAST.”  

(Laughs uncontrollably before gaining control) “hehehe after all, (chuckling) we don’t have the greatest track record there ... (Gains control) ... in that sense.” ... “Now again, Mr Armstrong did the greatest work ever on this earth. So it did work to that extent. But when you got into (blank) specific area, Mr Armstrong himself said ... (In a soft voice) it didn’t work. And I think essentially the reason it didn’t was because these men didn’t really look to him as God’s Elijah.  And so it broke down every time.”


“Now it seems to me it could have worked. But it didn’t!” But, I want to read to you something that Churchill said that I read to the Editorial Department the other day. He (Unsure whom) was talking about a professor that worked with him, a professor of science and technology, a man by the name of Lindeman, F.A. Lindeman, and he said when they met, Winston Churchill expressed anxiety about whether the speed of advance of RDF was as great as could be attained. I replied that it most, almost certainly was not and I went on to give my diagnosis of the prime cause of avoidable delays; it was attempting to force its normal machinery to revolve at an abnormal rate. Here we were leading into and actually now getting into WWII and the people were trying to go ahead with that normal production and Churchill and this professor said “Hey, it won’t work! You can’t take that normal machinery and use it in abnormal times and win this war! You can’t make it work that way! And that’s what they saw very quickly. It was attempting to force its normal machinery to revolve at an abnormal rate ... instead of setting up abnormal machinery, which Revelation 11, Verse 1 does!


THIS IS ABNORMAL.”(Taps something twice, presumably the bible, and chuckles).




(Sniffs, voice changes) “Not that you’re abnormal! but this is abnormal administration of God’s Government.”


“Instead of setting up abnormal machinery to meet the highly abnormal need, the normal standards were not good enough at such a critical time. So they had to change the way they administered the Government. And so we enter into this time, brethren, and let me tell you, it’s getting to be pretty, pretty, fiercely bad. We enter into this time and Jesus Christ is showing me that there really is a change in the administration of our Government. There really is a change in that.


Satan has been cast down. Now that’s a different situation. I mean that’s like Hitler attacking, only it’s worse. And so we have that to contend with. And it’s, as I said, in the last hour, and no more delay, so Mr Armstrong’s structure of Government really will not work ... to get this job done. And I think that’s one reason, well I think you can see it’s entirely different if you have a smaller group, but we can’t afford and we’re not going to have a Synagogue of Satan, there’s no mention of that in these verses here; there’s not gonna be a synagogue of Satan in this Church because we are a little group and I’m very much tuned in and I hope I’m not, I don’t want to say that in a vain way, but I try very much to be tuned in to what’s going on in the ministry because, I mean things are moving so fast that we have to make decisions that are very, very, uh, quick decisions sometimes, certainly uh, decisions that I know about, that I can pray about, that I can take into my prayer closet and ask God to give me an answer QUICKLY.


And I know exactly what’s going on, because the ministers tell me so.  And that’s different. “It’s different brethren, but again, you see, it’s the same government, the same law that Mr Armstrong had!” And so I submit to it, you submit to it, but we do have to administer it in a different way. Now the ministers have to go on then, and they work with God’s people and they keep me tuned in with God’s people and so I actually have a, a, I measure the temple as well ... I get to meet a lot of our people, and the ministers talk to me about those people and how I can help and all of that and so I do have to keep myself informed brethren, and I think it’s because of the accelerated pace of the times in which we’re living.


Now you just ... we’re in a fierce, fierce battle, just before the Great Tribulation and we’re going to have to do things differently; we already are doing them differently ... you are, I am, we ALL are and WE LIKE IT THAT WAY ... because that’s the way Christ leads us.” But if you see something like a synagogue of Satan, well what does God say about that? I mean, really ... now, the times are changing, so here He says in Verse Two, well let me just read that: “But the court which is without the temple, leave it out, “or cast it out!” and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.” “So He says look, I mean you just cast them all out!, that sounds, I guess rather humorous  to people in the   (blank silence, edited?, probably Worldwide) Church of God and some of those laodicean Churches, BUT THAT IS IN FACT WHAT GOD HAS DONE, HE’S SAID ‘NOW YOU GET THEM OUT OF HERE’ AND DON’T WORRY ABOUT THEM!.     


We’ve got a different work, and it IS a work that’s going to qualify you to be in Headquarters forever, so let’s get busy and do it and DON’T WORRY ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE! ... BECAUSE I’M PUTTING THEM ASIDE!  You cannot do this work in this last hour, especially with all those laodicean attitudes.”


“And so we’re ALL having to grow more, God is challenging us, isn’t He? (voice lowers gently, becomes encouraging) And that’s wonderful, there’s nothing discouraging about that. He gives us this Philadelphia spirit, and when I go around to the people, I SEE that unity and that urgency in our people and I see it in the ministers, and I’ll tell ya, it’s the greatest time ever, I think, to be leading the Church of God, as a physical leader  or being a minister in the Church of God because the people see what we’re doing, they see what this is about, and they want to be this little Gideon’s army and they want to do it the way God wants it to be done. So they want to make the Government work, and it IS working ... otherwise we wouldn’t be prophesying again, and we ... we would not be going on TV. tomorrow, and having access to 350 MILLION PEOPLE! So we can prophesy again to this world! Prophesy Again. That’s what God wants us to do. Churchill said this, or writing about Churchill, this is uh, the book is Churchill and the proph? By Thomas, I believe. Churchill did what the safely unimpetuous members of the wide all establishment could not have done; he provided a driving leadership which went far beyond his oratory. Now we have ministers that, you know do a very good job of speaking. But our job of leadership goes far beyond oratory. We really DO have to DRIVE THIS THING THROUGH!


We have to get out there and do ... and ESTABLISH REALLY A STRUCTURE, and I don’t mean this in ANY WAY TO ABUSE GOD’S PEOPLE! 

GOD FORBID WE SHOULD DO THAT! ... we’re to be helpers of their joy,  but we DO have an accelerated pace, in which we have to WORK --- it’s much more intense and we have to get this job done, uh ... in a, with a, in a ... (titters) you know, in abnormal times ... and at an abnormal rate or we just simply couldn’t do what we’re doing, brethren. And I think you understand that.


“SO there’s a change, in this, in these extremely urgent times. And as you know, if we had, have a BAD APPLE out there, WE HAVE TO GET THEM OUT!


 We DO have to get them OUT because they HINDER THE MACHINERY and God, I don’t believe is about to allow a Synagogue of Satan in THIS CHURCH! Unless WE break down some-where. Unless We fail God.


So we all have a responsibility. Notice, let’s read Hebrews 11, and Verse 1 again; “And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying (Huge Sniff) Rise, and measure the temple of God, or the Church, the people, with God’s law and government and the alter, and them that worship therein.” So, I, I think again, brethren, this has always been a pattern of Satan’s, but why, why would God put so much emphasis on this abnormal kind of Government?



Well you know what has happened in the past, if Satan is gonna attack the Church He always attacks the Government; He always attacks the government.





“That’s why God says “look, don’t you worry about that” ... you, He, He’s cleared out, He’s cleaned the Church out. And he says “Now you just go ahead and you do this JOB, you do it the way I direct you and don’t tryda be influenced by people who’ve LOST THEIR HEAD!” Spiritually! Colossians 2, and Verse 19. (WASN’T READ BY MR FLURRY)“And not withholding the Head, from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together, increaseth with the increase of God.” “You go right ahead and you listen to your head, and he’s telling us here that there is a different way we’ll have to do it, and it’s kind of ay, uh system of government to meet the abnormal times we’re living in. So God had to raise up a man. Now brethren, again, (blank) something we’ll just have to talk about from time to time,  but there was ... did God raise up a man? Did He raise up a man and actually start the PCG through a man? Well, I think we ... if you know anything about this Church, you know it ... that‘s true. That’s not ... that’s not ... uh, phoney baloney - that’s true! That God did, in fact start this Church through a man, and He always does that. And so, the Head, Christ, says ‘Now this is the way we’re gonna be able to prophesy again, and if you don’t do it like I say, we’re not gonna get the job done. We won’t prophesy again. This is a God Family Government. I’ll show you more about that if I have time to get into this material here I have. If I don’t, I might have one more uh, sermon (giggles) on this subject, I’m not sure.”


“But what is the Gospel? What is it. Well, it’s the Good News of the coming Family of God, which is, administers the Government of God; the very same Government we have today, that’s what the Gospel is! And so we’re learning to administer that Government. In Verse 2 He says there now, You just cast those people out!”

But you see its Christ doing that! ... I didn’t put those people out.

(Chuckles heartily)


I … I didn’t go and put them out ... Christ worked it out! (Tone is accusatory, but also  sounds buoyant) ... where he did THAT HIMSELF! He just CAST THEM OUT! (Shouts)


And he raised up a new work, a new lamp, or excuse me -- changed the lamp  and now, we can uh, we can have a Government that its, a, is acclimated to the times that we’re living in. So I see depth in this verse that I’ve never seen before, and I hope you’ll think hard about it and see what Christ is teaching us.” Christ really is teaching us that we’re going to have to be somewhat different in the way we administer God’s Government; it’s just like being in a fierce battle. And a fierce war, right down maybe to the most intense part of it. And you don’t have time to do a lot of negotiating when you’re fighting there for your life. And fighting for the life of other people in a way that we never have before! Satan is full of wrath. And we’re gonna see that as we go through this sermon, I think, even more.”


“But this is a Government where the top man has contact with the ministers, through the Regional Directors, and I think more contact with the members than Mr. Armstrong was ever able to have. This is the last Hour. And we have to move fast, and this is the only kind of Government God says that will work in this crisis at the close, in this last hour. It won’t work any other way. Why aren’t the laodiceans here? What is wrong? Why are 95 of those, 95% of those people not here? Because they’re not submitting to their head! They’ll submit to a man of sin in many cases, or they’ll submit to another evil man but they won’t submit to their head! The Head of This Church! (tone is angry) And that’s their big problem. And so they can’t prophesy again. But we can simply because we’re able to do that. So we have to prophesy again to this world, to all of this world, and I’ll tell you, tomorrow is a big day.


And so God CASTS OUT ALL THOSE PEOPLE who would dare interfere with His Government in this end time. So it really does make you much more elite when you think about it brethren, and what God is doing in your life ... I mean you’re Special people.  You are the remnant of the Church of God and the only remnant, and the only people on this earth who will prophesy again. Now that’s quite an Honour to be here, and to be a part of this. And we can’t do that the way things have done, been done in the past. Too many emergencies come up and so we have to be ready to go, but here’s the point I’m getting at brethren  is you and I need to as we go along, to learn more deeply about our head, and about how He rules, so YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW where the Head is! There isn’t ANY reason ON THIS EARTH, I mean the Laodiceans are the most shallow people you could imagine that’s have ever known God’s Church, or truth, I think. (Pause) They don’t know their Head. They’ve LOST their Head. That’s the way it’s expressed in Colossians 2 and verse 19.


And so God has Gotten them ALL out of the way and they don’t even have the (blank) anymore, and He’s given us a much more submissive group of people. And we all have to be that way brethren, I do too. We ALL have to submit to that law, that Government; and here we are, Gideon’s little army...EVERY ONE OF US SHOULD BE EAGER TO TAKE ON THE BATTLE! Just like Gideon’s Army we’re not just ‘Hanger’s on’, because if we are, we’re not going to hang on! But we’re going to have to be like Gideon’s army where these men just went over, scooped up a little water and off they went...they wanted to get into the battle! They wanted to fight for God! And the rest of them, well ... they, they, they drank and they got ready, but they didn’t really wanna get in that war. (Is stated sarcastically)


And so God says “OK, Get Rid Of Em” (Is laughing throughout now, before continuing) … he he he, I think he got Rid of about 95% of Em! ... GET THEM OUT OF THE WAY! ... and I’ll take this little {?} that trusts me; that holds onto their head -- and I’ll WIN IT FOR YOU!

And so He does. And so He is.  And He’s definitely going to win these battles for us and this war for us.


But this is a more direct command here. I don’t wanna try to beat that to death, but uh, again, brethren, it really is uh (Pause) and I’m uh ... and there is a MAN responsible to Christ, to get this work done, with God’s law, and God’s Government, taught by Mr Armstrong. The other day, I spoke I think about an hour to Mr Russell Williams. He had tried to get me before the Feast and couldn’t and so we, he had quite a few things that he wanted to talk to me about and so we talked about an hour. Now I didn’t call an Evangelist, or a pastor, or a preaching elder to talk to him, I talked to him myself.  Because I think that’s exactly what God commands. Now, you, you measure, you keep, you keep measuring right there with the ministers; you work with the ministers and you get as close as you can to the people, because it’s going to take that to get this job done, and of course, it’s going to take that to keep everybody in sync. Now, if one of our’ ministers begins to try the approach they used in the Worldwide under Mr Armstrong, then they have a history of what’s going to happen to their lives. Jesus Christ is going to see absolutely that they fail. There’s no way they can succeed. Because they’re not doing what Christ tells them to do. So, this Verse 1 is about this Number Two Commission of feeding the flock and that physical leader has to stay in contact with the ministers and the people as much as possible and do everything he can to measure the way we measured in the past only the administration is much better, and getting directly to the problem. And that is required brethren, if we’re going to prophesy again. If we don’t do it that way, we’re not.


Now if somebody doesn’t like that, then of course it’s good that they leave. They really shouldn’t be here. If we don’t love the Government of God, all we are is a laodicean. That’s ALL we are. We must love the Government of God most  of all!

You look at 2nd Thessalonians; 2 and we’ll turn there in a moment, but they are where they are because they didn’t love God’s truth. So the ministers, and all the ministers are on the front line and helping the people to back that first commission, and of course, even Headquarters here is on that front line, as I told the editorial department, and if people don’t, you see if the ministers don’t help the people get into this number one commission, and make that their number one commission to this world, and put their heart in that, then they’re gonna fall by the wayside. Now really brethren, there’s gonna be some of them that ARE!  They’re gonna fall by the wayside.


Jesus Christ is making it pretty explicit here I think what He wants us to do and if we don’t get in sync and really understand the Government of God, we won’t be around  (pause) when God’s people are taken to a place of safety. And you see, that’s why I go around and I talk to the young people and try to tell them “look, you’d better look at what is happening in this world. If you think you’re gonna  just somehow get to the place of safety on you’re parent’s coat tails, you’d better rethink isn’t going to happen!  Because the people that go there are going to have to love God’s Government, or at least, uh be let’s say,

passive members that God would allow to go, but they’re not part of the spiritual organism. But you better think about that, you young people. You’d better think about it and you’d better think about learning about this government in a very deep fashion (a one sentence silence, edited?) that you KNOW! it’s the Government of God (Almost yelling) and it is the HEAD! The head ... that’s directing this Church. Surely, brethren, you know that I couldn’t go through that Court Case and then get back out there on, and have access to 350 million people - I couldn’t even BEGIN to do that! THE HEAD makes that possible! And we ALL had better get familiar with our Head. And learn this Government, because let me tell you, it is going to be tested!  It’s going to be challenged, like nothing else in this Church!  You can be sure.



“Well, w, w ... Who was that guy?  Who does he think he is?” They would say about me. Well, WHO IS THAT GUY?  NOBODY EVER wants anybody, to follow ANYBODY but their Head! (A long silence) But God does use a man to say rise up, apply that government and that law and lets get the job done ... let’s get the job done.


Why do you suppose that Satan is so wrathful? Well we know, he knows he has but a short time, but also he knows ... I mean, he’s really been so successful; 95%! of the people of God, and now ALL HE HAS TO GET is this other little remnant, and (if?) that other, that little remnant is not on their knees, praying to that God and submitting to that Head and submitting to the Government in the family then there’s going, they’re going to have serious problems! And I tell you; I see it time and time and time again. That when it breaks down, that government is not implemented the way God says do it. It just simply won’t work. But these are terrifying times. They’re NOT normal times. And as I said, brethren, they’re not even times like Mr., er ... Armstrong had to do the work. Notice Colossians 2, and Verse 19. (Long pause) Colossians 2, and Verse 19.  Where it talks about that, I‘d just like to read it to you quickly, I‘ve mentioned it several times. “And not holding the Head, from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together increases with the increase of God.”  Do you feel brethren, that you are nourished by God? Well, if any people that ever should feel nourished, I think we should, with all this revelation that God has given us. Now, let’s go to 2nd Thessalonians 2.


Now you, you, if you’re not, I mean if we looked at this in kind of a shallow way, just sort of a shallow way, we can think well, yeah, I know why the problem is here ... I know what the problem is here, this guy is NO DOUBT SATAN POSSESSED, and he’s causing all the problems 




NOT EVEN THE DEVIL IS, if you understand this spiritually.


But notice, Verse 3, “let no man deceive you by any means. For that day, the second coming shall not come except their come a falling away first., and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.” So the big problem here is the falling away. FIRST!”

“And then of course, that man of sin REALLY DOES HIS THING!

Why, WHAT could that man of sin DO  if, if you didn’t have this great falling away first? He could do nothing. He’d be disfellowshipped. Probably never get in the office in the first place.” (Begins to lower his voice and talk very calmly and slowly)


“He’s not the problem there brethren.    The PEOPLE are the problem!”

They fell away from their head. Their head is no longer leading them. But they’ll go now, they’ll let this man of sin be their head! They’ll let a man directed by the devil be their head! Or they’ll let some other evil man be their head but they won’t SUBMIT to their spiritual head. They will not do it! And so, you see where they are today. Verses 8 and 9; “And then shall that wicked (that is the devil) be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of it’s mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming.” Even Him whose coming is AFTER the working of Satan WITH ALL POWER, and SIGNS AND LYING WONDERS, SO SATAN IS THE PROBLEM … NO HE ISN’T!” … (Chuckling)




 Notice Verse 10; “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish or ARE perishing, they are DYING because they received not the love of the truth that they might be SAVED, they didn’t receive the love of God’s government first of all! They didn’t LOVE IT, brethren! They don’t LOVE GOD'S GOVERNMENT! And so we have this great, massive falling away and of all things, they would follow a MAN that is so EVIL that he’s called the MAN of SIN ... the son of perdition in the bible. That’s like being called the Devil! 












See but first of all, these people wanted a new government. They wanted a new government ... you know why brethren? Well, because they’re followers, they’re not leaders. They’re followers. Christ, if you follow your head, he’s going to make you a leader. That’s why you’re here! You're going to be a leader! And you’re going to teach in the world tomorrow. And you’re going to be a king and a priest, and you’re going to lead this world...that’s why we’re here! What is it going to do, really, brethren, what is it going to do if we went to the Feast of Tabernacles and we received ALL of those wonderful messages, so many of them! What is it going to do to help us if we don’t prophesy again? That’s what it’s ALL FOR! I mean, that’s really what all that truth is for ... it’s to come back now and see what God wants you to do and get out there and prophesy again, and if you love God’s truth, that’s what you will do! That’s the work! That’s the purpose of all of this! We have a work to do, that’s why we’re here today. The laodiceans have gotten away from that ... they don’t understand that anymore. But if you love the truth, you’ll prophesy again!

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Did you know that brethren ... you’ll prophesy again? It means giving that truth to the world, isn’t that what God, uh, Jesus Christ did? We’re not here to get. We want to give. What is the point of us see, being here if we don’t give all this truth like our husband did? And even give His life ... if we have to. Loving God’s truth means loving the world, and giving that truth to them, and we do it by prophesying again. Did you know, brethren, of course this is pretty basic (laughs and laughs) the truth you received at the Feast of Tabernacles is of no value, none! unless you prophesy again. You can just ex it all out and say it’s of no value, those wonderful Feast messages, God says ‘I’m giving them to you to DO SOMETHING (huge pause) to GIVE this to this the world. Look how they NEED this ... as you heard in the sermonette, they have no hope! and they don’t know how to solve their problems, and they just muddle around! (Yelling) hoping that somehow it will work out okay, and it doesn’t, something will never just make it work out Okay unless we make it work out, and if we submit to our head it WILL work, whether it’s a marriage or a family or a Church or WHATEVER! But if you try to do it different than what God says, IT WON’T WORK! And that’s the way the laodiceans are. If you love God’s truth, you love God, and you love prophesying again.”


It’s NOT the revelation that we have THAT MATTERS brethren, really, you know that ... don’t you? I think you all know that! It’s not the revelation that matters ... LOOK AT ALL THE REVELATION THE WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD HAD! And they, now, they have lost it all. They have ALL this revelation that God has EVER GIVEN TO ANY CHURCH and they LOST IT and they would rather have things than God’s precious, precious truth. Isn’t that amazing? If you don’t love God’s truth and want to get it out to the world, you’re going to lose it. Satan’s gonna take it away! It’s given to us for a purpose. Give it to the world, or lose it. It’s not winning in court that matters (laughs and laughs) it’s not winning in court that matter AT ALL!




What is important? What do you have your minds on? What do you think about and pray about? It’s really not having uh.. Imperial college that matters! It’s getting that message out to the world! We give it to the young people and tell them ‘look‘, if we don’t get this out to the world, we have failed!


Love is the deepest subject in the bible because God is love and God is giving ... and God is, IS (laughs) prophesying again, if you look at it that way! But we have to be doers and we have to bear fruits. What’s the point of proving what’s in here brethren, what’s the point? (Sarcastically) ... “I say aaahhh, man; I really proved that ... isn’t that exciting?”  Well it’s not if you don’t do something with it!


WE ARE ABNORMAL PEOPLE IN THAT WAY! We’re not here just to relax and have a church, we’re here to do a job and God gives us this building and blesses us with ALL these blessings because we ARE prophesying AGAIN! And when we cease to do that, you can be sure everything’s going to go downhill, and I mean it’ll go downhill in a hurry. Here we are to ... God is love, and we’re supposed to become love, because we’re becoming god, and you young people think about that, we’re here to become god.

I mean, here, we’re special people. It’s so wonderful to be a part of this and to know what God is doing, and to have Jesus Christ as your head, and the father over the family, what a wonderful blessing that is, there just isn’t anything to compare with that and the more, more we keep looking into this book, the more God keeps revealing to us and giving us, it’s just, just amazing to me, because it’s all about the mind of God.


Let me read to you what Joe Tkach’s words are, wrote in September 2003, he ended his letter, he said; (dark red Italics)

Friends, please remember that your donations (See they don’t tithe; they gotten rid of that law) Those donations are vital to our denomination ... (now they’re a denomination - they shouldn’t be) As we await the sale of the Pasadena Campus and the full implementation of the new financial model ... (And they’ve been waiting for that campus to sell for what, 6 or 7 years?) ... it‘s dragging on, I know it is tempting, uhh, to think primarily locally, but if we value our ability to remain a cohesive Worldwide fellowship, but if we just have a little more patience (laughs) ... (what 7 more years, 6 more years, WHAT?)  (Hehehe ... reads next section sarcastically) Your donations are so important and so critical to this transition period, please pray for God’s help as we move towards these milestones. In other words, they’re gonna keep their money, (Ha,ha,ha,ha,haha) ... or at least most of it, they’re gonna keep it and they’ve decided,  I guess some of them have decided they did go ahead and keep it before they sold the property ... and that’s creating some problems. Well, they should have problems! I’m not sorry they’re having problems! I mean we all pray, I think that God will bless them, and this is some heir of some of the correction they’re gonna to have to uh, be blessed. He said again “I ask that you please give serious thought to the urgent denominational need for your financial support during..........tape cuts off.

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