Imperial College Photo Gallery (c. 2004-2005)

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Campus Police Car Duplexes Fence
Field House Field House Back View GRF Hardhat
Gate Gate 1 Gate 2
Gate 3 Hall of Ad Hall of Ad Facade 1
Hall of Ad Facade 2 Hall of Ad Facade 3 Hall of Ad Facade 4
Hall of Ad Facade 5 Landscaping Landscaping 2
Mens Dorm Mens Dorm 2 Pool
Pool-Water Supply Radio Tower Radio Tower 2
Radio Tower 3 Radio Tower 4 Radio Tower 5
Radio Tower 6 Radio Tower Observers Road Paving
Tall House Tree Planting Tree Planting 2


Imperial College was renamed to

Herbert W. Armstrong College

in December of 2005

Womens Dorm Armstrong College Logo